Update .. July 2011

Combined Parking Solutions (yet again) win another case that has been prepared by so called experts on internet forums who advise peopleto ignore charges and promise defences that are guarenteed to get a charge cancelled if it goes to court.

What Exactly Happened ?

The defendant parked at a site which is managed by Combined Parking Solutions, they received a parking charge and refused to pay.

The defendant then went on various internet forums and was advised by many of their so called ‘respected members’ to refuse to pay and if it went to court they would prepare a defence as in their opinion the charges were unenforceable.

The case wentto court, the judge read all the documents/legal arguments submitted and heard from both sides. He then concluded the defendant was liable to pay the charge.

Who did the defence and what did it contain ?

Our information shows that many of the so called experts assisted the defendant in the case, members who use the name of “Alexis” and “Alexisv” were named.

The defence contained ALL of the standard things they always state will make the charge unenforcable, all of which the judge disregarded when deciding it was NOT a penalty charge but a fully enforcable charge that the defendant agreed to when he parked as displayed on the signage.

The judge obviously got it wrong ?

That was the comment made by Alexis and the other members of the various forums, however if the judge did get it wrong then surely they would have arranged a case for appeal ? – The fact they did not speaks volumes.

We appreciate that an internet forum (or its members) could not lodge an appeal themselves but the defendant could have and as he was being advised by these individuals would indicate he initially trusted their legal advice until the judge gave his verdict.

What does this mean in terms of cost ?

The original ticket would have cost £60,as a result of the defendant falsely beleiving the charge was not enforcable it cost him £178.70 plus the time/effort to do prepare and present his case, the time off work and the fact he now has a CCJ against his name which if not paid within the time defined by the court will remain on his credit file for 6yrs and make it difficult for him to get credit.

Are these people not legally qualified ?

The short answer to this is in many instances NO, for example Alexis works for a graphic design company called violet mount in Manchester – another regular poster “southpaw82” actually used to work for the police in a civilian role until he was suspended for allegations of pretending to be a police officer then he resigned, unsure what he is doing now – But NO they are certainly not legal professionals.

Many of the posters have multiple names and hide behind aliases so they are never tracked down when they give bad advice that ends up costing people who beleive in them additional money

Can I see the documents to prove this ?

Of course, these have all been used in open court and are not protected (we have of course removed the personal details of the defendant).

The transcript of the case (with the assistance of the forum experts)
The court order following the FULL hearing.

What does prove ?

This proves that regardless of the experts on internet forums – Parking charges are 100% enforcable and the courts do this .. It does not matter how much a person tries to avoid payment by using all types of irrelevant legal excuses – If the signage is clear and the charge was issued correctly then it will be enforced.

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