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    Our system of parking controls, are based on the issuing of parking charge tickets, to unauthorised parked vehicles on privately owned land. Continue reading

    The FREE and easy to use system that Combined Parking Solutions can offer is proven to be very effective and within a matter of days you will regain control of your carpark.

     Contact us now to find out more details.

  • Parking Cure

    Our system of parking controls, are based on the issuing of parking charge tickets, to unauthorised parked vehicles on privately owned land. Continue reading

    A simple call or email to Combined Parking Solutions will start the process to regaining control of your carpark, we will speak with you to understand your problems and put together a quick and easy solution.

    Signs are individually made for each business and then displayed on the site, tickets are issued to any vehicle that is parked in a way that the signage states would render it liable for a charge,

  • Carpark Problems

    The system is flexible for all businesses – Some businesses will allow customers a fixed time to park, some for employees only, some for permit holders only – the list is endless.
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    Bars, Restaurants, Pubs, Shops, Office blocks etc.. if you suffer with people parking on your land who should not be.. then our system will work for you whatever size of car park you have.


Why Combined Parking Solutions

We are different to other providers, as we have our own car parks we suffer from the same problems, we know how frustrating this can be to you and your business. We boast a large list of clients, from the smallest car park with a few spaces to large areas that can hold many thousand vehicles.

Our system is so versatile it can be applied to any size car park from 1 to 10,000 spaces; from permit schemes, total no parking enforcement, limited parking time and even ‘Pay & Display’ enforcement.

Combined Parking Solutions is also different to other providers in that it provides you with highest level of compensation in the UK of £25 for every ticket that is issued and paid. (plus an additional £5 per ticket issued on other sites that you may recommend)

We have an excellent track record in enforcing unpaid tickets via the courts – Combined Parking Solutions does not issue charges based on penalities, trespass or breach of contact and associated “reasonable pre-estimation of losses”, this results in ALL of our charges being 100% enforcable in court as they are based on a contractual acceptance of the charge and terms and conditions as displayed on the signage, this is proven time after time when we take drivers to court.

Combined Parking Solutions is already prepared for the changes in law within Schedule 4 of  The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 – This will result in the registered keeper becoming liable to pay a parking charge if they are unable or unwilling to provide the name and address of the driver, this will result in more tickets being enforced via the courts in the event of the initial charge being ignored or unpaid.

The system also allows you to remain in total control, you can cancel any incorrectly issued tickets free of charge and it is also quick, easy and  free to setup and very easy to implement – contact us now for more information on how you can quickily and easily regain total control of your car park within days.

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