Parking Solutions

Keeping your car park clear with Combined Parking Solutions

If you are a land owner or tenant suffering parking problems, we will tailor our parking solutions to meet your individual requirements.

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Solution: Combined Parking Self Managed Package.

We will design and supply large warning signs to to meet your requirements for you to erect in prominent positions at the property concerned.

You will then be issued with legally enforceable Parking Charge Tickets which will allow you (or a nominated person) to issue to any vehicle which is parked on your land in a way to receive a charge.

You can issue a charge in 1 of 2 ways :

Simply issue the ticket, take a photograph of the vehicle with the ticket, signage and registration number in clear view and then enter this online, send by post of fax – and that is your work done.

Or at sites where issuing the charge to the vehicle would be difficult you can use our “Click Charge” product – this allows you to simply take a photogrpah of the vehicle with the signage in clear view and upload this to our database – we then issue the charge via post.

Once we have collected he parking charge, you will receive £25 for each ticket – This is paid to you via BACS automatically.

We also find that at a large number of sites the prescence of our signs alone resolve your parking issues without the need to ever issue a charge, but you are safe in the knowledge that if you ever issue a charge then Combined Parking Solutions is the number 1 company in the UK for enforcing unpaid charges.

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