NEWS UPDATE – April 2014

Courts confirm that charges issued by Combined Parking Solutions are 100% enforceable.

Parking Management on private land has a number of legal methods available to enforce the charge, some less enforceable than others but yet again the courts have held the charges issued by Combined Parking Solutions do not fall under the heading of a penalty but a 100% enforceable charge.

We have obtained an actual judgement transcript from a recent hearing in which the judge confirmed “the claimant has very purposefully anticipated and drawn the signage in the manner they have, in order to avoid the raft of case law regarding “penalty type” notices. It is clear from the signage in the car park that they offer parking services to either valid permit holders, or to members of the public, on the condition that they accept the arrangement: that they pay £100 per 24 hour period or produce a permit which has already been obtained in advance.”

The judge continues to confirm “In my judgment this is a perfectly acceptable contractual agreement” and crucially “I am also satisfied that the charges as set out by the claimant of £100 per day are not unfair in themselves given the various case law which is attached to the back of the lever arch bundle prepared by the claimant. It is a matter for the parties to decide whether they accept the terms and conditions which are the subject of the parking arrangement. If Miss Peterson did not want to pay £100 per day she had every opportunity to park elsewhere and failed to do so.”

Mike Perkins of Combined Parking Solutions states “yet again this demonstrates our approach to parking management and enforcing unpaid charges definitely works and the courts agree with us, we do not issue penalties or accuse people of breaching contracts – the signage is very clear that you have a choice you either park here and the charge is £100 or you park somewhere else”.

It is very important when choosing a car park management company that they can demonstrate their ability to enforce charges and Combined Parking Solutions continue to do so .. time after time.

; Peterson – Medway County Court

Combined Parking Solutions yet again shows that their charges are 100% enforceable – contact us today if you require assistance in resolving your car park issues with a system that is proven to be 100% effective, legally enforceable and free to implement.