What we do

Combined parking solutions offers services and solutions to land owners that have problems with unauthorised parking, our service offers a system that is proven to work by allowing land owners (or authorised persons such as tenants) to issue parking tickets to any vehicle.

Who can use us?

Anyone with a car park and owns the right to that land… This can be a tenant or the landowner.

Our system is so versatile it can be applied to any size car park from 1 to 10,000 spaces; from permit schemes, total no parking enforcement, limited parking time and even ‘Pay & Display’ enforcement.

Why us?

We are different to other providers, as we have our own car parks we suffer from the same problems, we know how frustrating this can be to you and your business.

We donot use external agencies to enforce or collect charges, thus ensuring a high level of consistency and customer services.

We boast a large list of clients, from the smallest car park with a few spaces to large areas that can hold many thousand vehicles.

Combined Parking Solutions is also different to other providers in that it provides you with highest level of payment to you in the UK of £25 for every ticket issued.

The system is also free to setup and very easy to implement.

We are so confident you will be happy with our service, we offer an unique loyalty system – As a “Thank You” for recommending a friend YOU will receive £5 (inc vat) for each and every ticket issued for life on their land (as long as you are still a customer) – There is also NO limit to the amount of people you recommend.

If you wish to know more about our system click here to read our FAQ.