Update – January 2013



In 2011 a driver received a parking charge and asked the forums for help and advice, of course the standard response was to ignore and it would go away .. even if the company did issue court papers they would present a robust defence which would result in the ticket being unenforceable.

The case was against Mr Daniel Steele and more information can be found on our legal page and also news update in July 2011 …. Obviously Combined Parking Solutions won the case against Mr Steele.

The forum experts all assisted and as part of getting the advice, Mr Steele innocently sent over copies of some confidential documents.

One of the experts who goes by the name of “Alexis” and/or “AlexisV” posted this document online and as a result Combined Parking Solutions issued legal action against “Alexis”.

The forum experts yet again went to assist “Alexis” and attempted to get our case struck out of court – They made an application and it was originally due to be heard on 24th August 2012 but they filled out the forms wrong (being the legal experts they are) and the case was adjourned and wasted costs ordered against “Alexis”

The full application was heard on 30th November 2012 and lasted 3hrs, the judge heard all the evidence and ruled that Combined Parking Solutions did have a cause of action and a real prospect of success and as a result dismissed Alexis application and awarded costs yet again against Alexis.

; See the court order here.

; See the JUDGEMENT transcript here.

You will see from reading that Alexis and his lack of legal knowledge was evident, we have highighted relevant sections but in summary “Mr Valance has a entire misunderstanding of the law and his argument”.

Mr Vallance also resorted to personal insults to which the Judge soon made it very clear that she would not tolerate such comments and they are as a result actionable – These internet experts are now realsing the hard way that the the real world of courtrooms are totally different to playing wannabe legal experts online.



Technically it was not a parking matter but more of a case of the forum experts thinking they knew the law and could in essence do what they want behind their internet aliases without any comeback.

The case these experts presented to the court was very poorly done, their understanding of the CPR and the court processes was at best amateur and as a result “Alexis” not only has a CCJ on his credit file for 6years (he failed to pay the original order from August within 28days) but suffered a larger financial loss on the second hearing and suffered a humiliating experience before the court.

This once again shows the forum experts for what they are and their total lack of knowledge and understanding of the law and rules let them down yet again in a courtroom.

The motto of the story is, if you want legal advice about a parking charge (or any other matter) then seek assistance from a qualified solicitor – not some internet alias who is pretending to be a lawyer but as has been shown, has a complete mis-understanding of the law.



Mr Vallance decided to settle the matter with CPS out of court, he requested the settlement to be confidential and we must respect that wish.

Mr Vallance user name “Alexis” and/or “AlexisV” has been very quiet since his humiliating defeat in court – Maybe he is posting under an new alias as a result of this or maybe he has given up and spending time on his day job, designing websites.