Frequently Asked Questions


Other companies offer a similar system .. why choose you ?

We comply with the IPC (Approved Operator Scheme) codes of practice.
We use a proven enforcement model.
We are fully computerised, meaning all tickets are processed quickly and efficiently.
We have in-house qualified legal staff who follow the collection process from start to end.
We pay more compensation per ticket completed to YOU than any other company.
We boast a large client base, from the smallest carpark to ones with thousands of spaces.
We do not use external debt collection agencies, therefore ensuring consistency of service.

What does it cost ?

It costs you nothing, we supply you with everything you need – the tickets, signs, permits etc..

Will people think it is us that issue the tickets ?

No, all signs are made to represent Combined Parking Solutions. We never engage in a telephone conversation with people who have been issued tickets (for legal reasons) and all correspondence and collection is made by ourselves.

Why can you pay higer compensation than other ticketing companies ?

Because we are fully self-administered, fully computerised and have all the in-house expertise our costs are lower –

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our signage and personal service (we always discuss with you in detail to understand your problems and do a full site survey to ensure you have ample signage), this means when a ticket is issued we can be confident all legal requirements have been met and the ticket is legally issued and enforceable – thus reducing wasted time & money chasing tickets that are not legally issued.

What happens if I issue an incorrect ticket ?

You have the facility to cancel a ticket within the first 14-days by simply advising us, there is no cost for this.

Occasionally it is required to cancel a ticket after 14-days, if this happens then there may be a small fee payable, depending on how much work has been undertaken to trace the vehicle owner.

How will I know the status of a ticket?

You can request a statement showing all tickets issued and the current state (ie. Paid, cancelled, awaiting DVLA response to driver details etc..) to be sent on a weekly/monthly basis by post or email.

You can also see the ticket information by logging onto our online ticket management system.

How will I be paid?

Payment is made by bank transfer, usually on a monthly basis – however this can be varied for different clients as required.

Will I have to submit invoices?

No.. We issue a ‘self billing system’ – whereby every time we send you a payment we issue an invoice – a copy is sent for your records – thus saving you time.

If someone does not pay will I have to go to court?

No.. We deal with all the court related matters and as we have a legal contract with yourselves to enforce the ticket you will not have to have any dealing with the court or the driver.

Is the system legally enforceable?

Yes, and we often take people to court who refuse to pay and the courts enforce the charge.

Combined Parking Solutions has an excellent track record for enforcing unpaid parking charges via the courts.

We also ask you take photographs of the vehicles – these can be used later in court to show the vehicle was parked in the said location and the car park terms and conditions clearly visible.

Please click on the “Legal Issues” icon for more information.

What is the loyalty bonus system?

If you are happy with our system, then we would hope you will tell people

For every person you recommend to us, if they decide to take our service then we will pay you £5 (Inc Vat) for each and every completed ticket issued on their site for the lifetime that you and they are using our services, this is our way of saying “Thank You” – also there is no limit to the amount of people you can recommend.

What is the success rate?

Depending on the type of car-park you have will depend on the success rate .. we aim to collect on each and every ticket issued, It is for this reason we insist on photos being taken following the issue of a ticket, signage being clearly displayed and in view and any other information (ie. CCTV, driver details etc..)

Some tickets are deemed non-enforceable due to various reasons, however before we cancel a ticket we will always contact yourselves to discuss and agree.

Call now on 0871 288 4606 or you can email us..

What is the Protection of Freedoms Act ?

The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, in particular Schedule 4 came into effect on 1st October 2012 and relates to all tickets issued on or after this date in England & Wales.

This allows us to hold the registered keeper liable for an unpaid charge if we are unable to take steps to enforce against the driver because we do not know both the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver – Section 5 (1) (b).

The act also states that a parking company can hold a contract with a driver in respect of parking charges due, this legislation will end any uncertainty over the rights of parking companies after a ruling in the upper tax tribunal as this legislation is of a higher legal standing.

Combined Parking Solutions are members of the IPC (Independent Parking Committee) and comply with their AOS (Approved Operator Scheme) and therefore we are able to take advantage of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.