News Update – December 2012

Combined Parking Solutions enforces charges against those who refuse to pay.

Combined Parking Solutions has secured its first charge against a persons home for failure to pay an outstanding parking charge together with full costs.

The parking charge was given at one of Combined Parking Solutions site’s in Middlesbrough and the driver ignored the charge, our letters and reminders – the matter was then referred to the county court for enforcement and the driver still refused to pay thinking they could just ignore bailiffs and our letters.

We have been informed that the false information they received was from various online consumer forums who advise people to ignore charges and they will go away, however this driver now has a total debt of £937 and the debt has been registered against his property – It is the intention of Combined Parking Solutions to enforce the charge and if the driver keeps ignoring the charge then this will result in his home being repossessed.

All this for a £60 parking charge which he foolishly took bad information from consumer forums as true and solid legal advice  .. now he owes £900+ and risks losing his home.

Andrew Leicester, Enforcement Manager at Combined Parking Solutions stated “These people are foolish, they read information on the internet from these non qualified, armchair lawyers and choose to ignore the ticket – This person has done so to his cost. We fully intend to enforce this and other debts and hopefully more people will realise that ignoring charges issue by ourselves will only end up in costing them more money and like this individual, could result in them losing their home, all for what ? – a parking charge.”


The judgement, order and land registry confirmation.