Update .. April 2012

Combined Parking Solutions again sets the standard for enforcing unpaid parking charges via the courts, yet again proving they are fully enforcable charges and NOT un-enforcable penalties as some websites have quoted.

What is so special about this ?

Various consumer forums and websites often wrongly state that parking charges issued are never enforced by the courts.

Combined Parking Solutions has an excellent track record of enforcing unpaid parking charges and time after time shows how charges issued on our carparks are 100% legal and valid.

Our charges are for a breach of contract or penalties but an agreed parking charge that is issued, we rely on binding case law to demonstrate this.

What was the opinion of the court ?

The court yet again declared, after reading all the relevant case law, found our charges NOT to be unfair penalties, NOT to fall foul of unfair contract terms but a clearly defined charge which is due and payable.

Internet forums are saying the judge got it wrong ?

If the judge did get it wrong then the defendant could have easily appealed, there is a cost for an appeal (as of writing £115) but this is recovered if the appeal stood up – No appeal was ever made.

I read this was a setup case ?

In each and every case when a parking company enforces a charge via the courts the internet forums either say (1) the judge got it wrong (2) it was a setup case (3) the defendant had a poor defence/case. Unfortunately some people out there will never accept that parking charges are 100% enforceable and the courts do it on a daily basis.

Combined Parking Solutions is the number 1 parking enforcement company in the UK, we lead the way in enforcing unpaid charges via the courts.

The internet forum members know this and will say or do anything to discredit our fully documented court wins, they may say lots but ultimately the courts make the decisions and consistently agree with Combined Parking Solutions.

Can I see the documents to prove this ?

Of course, these have all been used in open court and are not protected (we have of course removed the personal details of the defendant).
Full copy of the judgement transcript and the judges reasoning.
The court order following the FULL hearing.For more information and details on how Combined Parking Solutions can resolve your parking issues then call now on 0871 288 4606 or you can email us..